Aprons Away! provides professional chef services for small gatherings – whether a dinner party, cocktail party or other special occasion with 40 or fewer people – we can meet your specific needs.

Our services are highly customized so we gladly limit ourselves to smaller groups. We aren’t into “big productions” but instead we provide our clients with extremely special care to help create memorable culinary moments!

Aprons Away! also provides chef service for those who want to eat delicious meals at home but who are just too busy to cook. Our services provide an economical approach to healthy eating for individuals and families. We are available to plan, shop and create meals specifically designed for our clients.

Additionally, Aprons Away! offers a variety of in-home cooking demonstrations. Our goal is to help home cooks learn new skills and gain confidence in their culinary abilities. We cover a wide variety of topics and culinary levels … we especially love to showcase home cooking of wild seafood direct from Alaska!

Professional Services

• Special meals prepared for new parents; perfect as a baby shower gift these meals can be for one night or over an extended time period

• In-home culinary classes with focus on technique and specific recipes; ideal for those who want to improve their own cooking skills

• “Lunch and Learn” sessions featuring nutritional discussions; great for corporations, senior clubs, stay-at-home moms or other groups that meet during the daytime

• Care packages for college students, military personnel featuring thoughtful, hand-selected items

• Holiday baking activities; gather a group of friends and plan to bake special holiday treats with the guidance of a professional chef

• Holiday goodies for purchase; for those too busy to bake we can do the work for you

• Gift baskets for any occasion filled with gourmet food items and suggestions on how to use the goodies

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